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#CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THESE TWO FOR A MINUTE #AND WHAT A GREAT EXAMPLE OF EVIL MARRIEDS THEY ARE #can we do that? #mostly because I’ve seen posts here saying how Datak is the abusive one and Stahma is the submissive one and how this is all terrible #and let me say this - WRONG#whatever they are - troubled or morally grey or just straight up evil - they’re BOTH the same #sure Stahma is the more intelligent one and she simply enjoys manipulation and she’s naturally cunning #while Datak has been presented as the one with a temper who’s driven by years-long passions and quarrels #but their personalities makes them deadly dangerous because they know how to COOPERATE #and sure Stahma manipulates her husband! #BECAUSE SHE CAN and because she LIKES TO #but not because she HAS TO do it in order to have a voice in this relationship #because Datak knows her and recognizes the ways in which she operates #and he ADMIRES them #in every moment they shared we’ve seen him appreciating her mind and her ideas and not once claiming them as his own #she’s not afraid - when she prefers it to speak bluntly - to call his bluff #they both know what the other one is capable of and in which fields the other one is better #the recognition of the other one’s flaws and talents is what makes them superior to the others#because once they’ve learned where their strenghts lie #because once they’ve learned where their strenghts lie - in that moment they became the force to reckon with #they’re both dangerous because they know what they want (and it’s the SAME) they’re just using different tools to get it

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“Reading on e-readers isn’t actually reading.”


“You’re just now reading that? I read that forever ago. You’re so behind!”


“Oh that book is going to be the next *insert popular book title*.”


“Well I’m a bigger fan because I’ve liked it longer.”


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Women of Defiance. [x]

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When asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive Einstein’s reply was “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

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The sound Viserys Targaryen made when that hideous iron helmet 
covered his face was like nothing human. His feet hammered a
frantic beat against the dirt floor, slowed, stopped. Thick
globs of molten gold dripped down onto his chest, setting the
scarlet silk to smoldering...yet no drop of blood spilled. He
was no dragon,
Dany thought, curiously calm. Fire cannot kill
a dragon.

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John Green: What To Do With Your Life (x)

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These hands once trembled with broken memory, now stand as strong as steel they wield. Because of you. Because your heart is strong and will an undeniable force. 

This scene struck me so much. The writers have created a strong, amazing woman who survive such horrors, and she lends her recovery to Crixus, but Crixus, this man who was once seen as arrogant and ambitions leaned towards only being champion, believes - no, he KNOWS that it wasn’t him that made her as strong as she is. It was all her. 

There are those who have strong men on their side who never recover from such a thing. 

This scene brought tears to my eyes, it truly did. Much gratitude, writers!

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This is what happens when women write ad campaigns for other women *dies from the hotness*

this is still my favorite ad of all time

Jaye: That moment when the doctor is secretly a fox.

I need gifs!



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Legend of the ‘I Watch for the Plot’

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